Circus Development
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policy seminar (AT)

12. - 13.12.2012: Policy seminar on contemporary circus in Austria, Salzburg, Austria


The two day seminar involves performances and lectures and invites policy makers as well as circus practitioners to have a discussion about contemporary circus in Austria. The round table brings together representatives of different European Networks and addresses different issues of circus development.
The public event is organised by con:circ and takes place in the frame work of the Winterfest 2012 in Salzburg.


Con:Circ is an initiative that aims to strengthen national collaborations in the field of the contemporary circus, to better integrate local initiatives with international networks and to make information available, as well as to develop strategies for the establishment of circus within the cultural sector in Austria .

The initiative was founded by Elisabeth Mayerhofer (IG Kultur Österreich), Elena Kreusch and Tomas Kole (KreativKultur, Wien), Georg Daxner and Evelyn Daxner-Ehgartner (Winterfest, Salzburg), Werner Schrempf (LaStrada and Cirque Noël, Graz).


Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012:
Arrival, Registration
19:30: Performance I:
Cirque inextrémiste „Extrêmités“
20:30: Performance II:
Théâtre d’un jour „L’enfant qui“
21:30: Dinner

Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 :
09:30: Welcome speech by Georg Daxner, Artistic Director of the Winterfest
10.00: Yohan Floch, Coordinator of Circostrada Network: "What is Contemporary Circus? European Networks."
11:00: Kiki Muukkonen, Artistic Director of Subtopia (New Nordic Circus Network): "New Circus in Northern Europe"
12:00-13:30: Lunch Break
13:30: Tim Roberts, Director of the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (Fedec): „Professional Circus Education in Europe“
14:30: Elisabeth Mayerhofer, IG Kultur Österreich: „Contemporary Circus as chance for the cultural landscape in Austria“
15.30-16:00: Coffe Break
16:00: Presentation of "con:circ" by Elena Kreusch, Werner Schrempf and Georg Daxner: "An Austrian Platform for Contemporary Circus".
16:30: Final Discussion
18:00: Performance III:
Cie Circ’ombelico „Da / Fort“
20:00: Performance IV:
Cie Le Cubitus du Manchot „Ballet Manchot“