Circus Development

AIR Ibsen project (AT)

09. - 31.07.2013 Artist in Residence Programme, Ibsen PROJECT, Vienna, austria

In July the AIR program welcomes an artistic research project: 4 female circus artists from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines meet in the framework of a research and creation laboratory. There are two public showings toward the end of the residency.

During the intensive research and creation period of 3 weeks, the artists live and work together in “aspern Die Seestadt Wiens” in Vienna. The participating artists research the feminist potential of Ibsen´s stage works and try to find connections to their own realities, thereby gaining new perspectives on their own artistic practice. The project aims to anchor theatricality in contemporary circus and use circus as a mean of abstraction: The transformation of language into physical mono and polylogues.

Every research day will be divided into different thematic blocks that will offer room for in-depth engagement with Ibsen's characters, theoretic reflections, group discussions, character based movement improvisations, group dynamic exercises, individual technical training and collaborative creation.

Dramaturg: Kirsti Ulvestad, Artists: Ruth Biller, Carolina Braus, Marianna De Sanctis, Anni Küpper, Roxana Küwen, Producer: Elena Kreusch, Technician: Markus Liszt
COLLABORATION PARTNERS: Wien 3420 AG, Embassy of Norway in Vienna


Facilitated and mentored by a dramaturge and artistic director, the works of famous play writer Henrik ibsen are the starting point of the research: In his plays, Ibsen takes the point of view of the woman and questions bourgoise moral and gender roles of the 19th century. He creates female characters which break out of the tightly knitted, socially accepted behavioural patterns. The various characters such as Nora (A Dolls House), Hedda (Hedda Gabler) , Helene Alving (Ghosts), Hedvig (The Wild Duck), etc. seem to be very different at first, but they all have one thing in common: The courage to resist social pressure and stand up for their own interests.
After more than 100 years Henrik Ibsen still has a great influence on the world of theatre: Today he is one of the most staged dramatist world-wide with 166 Ibsen stage productions in 2011 alone.