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feedback seminar (AT)

26.-28.01.2018: workshop 'dasarts feedback method', Vienna, Austria

KreativKultur and the ttp-collective/WUK (TheaterTanzPerformance/WUK) would like to invite artists from the circus and dance/performance scene to take part in a three-day interdisciplinary feedback session. We would like to give an introduction to the
'DasArts Feedback Method' and apply / practice the method during three days via actual feedback showings: The method is developed specifically for artistic WORK IN PROGRESS (in its different stages).
There can be a maximum of 20 participants (artists, cultural practitioners, scholars, etc.) during the three days, of which a maximum of 5 performance groups/artists can present their work.

12.-14.02.2017: LECTURE & Workshop. 'DasArts Feedback Method', Vienna, Austria

The 3-day seminar takes place at TANZ*HOTEL | RESORT 1020 in Vienna from Feb 12 to 14, 2017:

In cooperation with our Irish partner organisation 'Squarehead Productions' we invited Manolis Tsipos, an alumni of the 'DasArts' Master programme (Theatre University Amsterdam), to lead an intensive seminar conveying an innovating Feedback Method they developed in collaboration with the philosopher Karim Benammar.

Collective feedback has to deal with many different views of the work, which somehow all need to be articulated and exchanged within one session. The latter becomes very important when dealing with hybrid, cross-disciplinary artistic practices which are often met in the context of the contemporary performing arts. Such practices are often hard to be defined and their product not easily discussed; DasArts is an educational institution which brings these artistic practices in the foreground of today’s art discourse, also by vigorously implementing this feedback method. This unique method allows a whole new attitude toward professional collaboration through giving and receiving feedback on each other's works in process, while expanding the boundaries of the learning process.

DasArts’ central aims for those feedback situations are: to empower the artist who is receiving feedback on his or her work, to go beyond expressions of judgment, to allow fundamental criticism, to create a sense of (self-) discipline for the sake of precision and clarity, and, last but not least, to increase the enjoyment of giving and receiving feedback.

The method has 10 distinct formats. These are the following

// One-to-One Talks
// Affirmative Feedback – “What Worked for me”
// Perspectives
// Open Questions
// Point Reflection / Concept Reflection
// Gossip round or open discussion (if no gossip round)
// Tips & Tricks
// Last word to the maker
// Letters

For more information, read an interview of Barbara van Lindt, managing director of DasArts, on the method. As well as an interview of Manolis Tsipos and Sonia Jokiniemi, DasArts alumni, on their experience as moderators of the method in several set-ups in Holland and abroad: