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AIR Darragh McLoughlin (AT)

01. - 31.05.2013: Artist in Residence Programme. Darragh McLoughlin, Vienna, Austria

During 1 month circus artist and ACAPA graduate Darragh McLoughlin works on his full length stage piece Fragments of a Mind. Squarehead Productions is an Irish circus company that makes use of the liberating potential of creating for the stage by inventing abstract worlds with specific logical frameworks. Quickly realizing that juggling doesn´t make sense in any social situation the company concentrates on giving meaning through shape, effect and functionality of patterns. Applying dramaturgical logic as a center point to the creative process is a defining feature of the Company´s esthetics. The Company´s research focuses on challenging the symbiosis of meaning, purpose and action.


This piece is about a man in a place that is both somewhere and nowhere at the same time. We do not know who he is, or how he came there. We just get to observe his journey of self-discovery and his search for purpose in this strange world he finds himself in.

A bare room – except for an old music box and some round inanimate objects. The lone character moves in endless circles. Time passes slowly. Our only reference point is a haunted voice singing the same song over and over.

Upon repeatedly confronting himself and his own sanity he falls deeper and deeper into darkness as he fights to find some sort of proof of his own existence.

During the the three weeks of creation, Darragh McLoughlin stayed in the Micro house in aspern Die Seestadt Wiens: