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14.12.2016: Publication. HeuteZirkusMorgen, Austria

The magazine 'IG Kultur' is published twice a year by the austrian advocacy network 'IG Kultur Österreich'. It aims to promote the importance of cultural work and its potential to change society. The magazine offers a platform for cultural associations to present their work. Every edition tackles a different culture political theme.

The December issue 'HeuteZirkusMorgen' adresses the phenomenon of 'New Circus'. The magazine gives insights into current developments of the Austrian circus sector, articulates future perspectives as well as challenges, and contextualizes the phenomenon theoretically.

The magazine is a product of a collaboration between KreativKultur and IG Kultur Österreich and supported by WIEN KULTUR; AUStrian Federal chancellery and ÖH Uni wien.

Print edition: 800 copies