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03.-08.07.2012: SummerFlame - Festival of Fire and Moving Arts, Vienna, Austria

In the first week of July 2012 we organize an international performing art festival in Vienna:

SummerFlame - festival of fire and moving art.
The festival playfully combines the fascinating arts of fire juggling with other performing arts such as circus, dance, acrobatics, theatre, object manipulation, music and transmedial performance art. During one week participants from all over Europe will be offered a vast program of master class workshops. Furthermore there will be contemporary performances and concerts during the evenings.

The festival aims to offer artists from different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds the oppertunity to collaborate and exchange techniques, methods and artistic ideas. We furthermore hope to contribute to the further development of contemporary circus in Austria.
The festival is a non profit event organised by volunteers and local artists.

This year we have the opportunity to collaborate with the association Equalizent: By offering sign language translations during the workshops as well as the performances we hope to make the festival and its programme more attractive to deaf artists and audiences.



Sebastian Berger
Jeanine Ebnöther-Trott (Aromatic Company)
Linda Farkas (Magma Firetheatre)
Cyrille Humen
Romain Margueritte
Guillaume Martinet (Compagnie Defracto)
Eric Longequel (Compagnie Defracto)
Carlos Muñoz
Antti Suniala
Graduate Class of the Lido Circus School