Circus Development

austria_AIR Aromatic Company

06. -24.04.2013: Artist In residence Programme. Aromatic Company - The GlasShow, Vienna, Austria

During 20 intensive research days professional circus artist Jeanine Ebnöther-Trott and jazz musician Caleb Trott of the Swiss Ensemble Aromatic Company will further the creation of their new contemporary circus piece The GlasShow. There will be a public research laboratory and a feedback showing.

Jeanine is an internationally known contact juggler who is famous for her stunning body rolls and unique in her ability to combine high technical skills with fluid dance and acrobatic movements. Jeanine graduated from Brussel´s professional circus school (ESAC) and has been performing and teaching all over the world. Furthermore she is co-founder of "The Ministry of Manipulation."
Caleb studied saxophone improvisation at the VCA in Melbourne and has had many colourful touring and performing experiences playing Jazz, World and Noise.
In 2012 the Aromatic Company performed and taught at KreativKultur´s SummerFlame festival.

"It is fluid but sturdy. it sings beautifully or breaks into a thousand pieces. Can cut my foot and still I want to walk on it"

The GlasShow is based on the interest to research the different and paradox characteristics of the material glass: fragil but sturdy, smouth but cutting, transparent, stable, etc.. Jeanine will balance on glass bottles and manipulate glass
balls while Caleb will work with an installation of glass instruments. The light effects
will create prisms on stage.