Circus Development

articulations (AT/IRL)

creation 2018/19: (co-production) articulations, Ireland / Austria

articulations is a contemporary solo creation featuring performance artist Elena Lydia Kreusch. The piece is aimed at adult audiences (14+) and is conceived for frontal theatre stages and gallery settings.  The creation is currently in its initial stages, with research to be conducted during several residencies in 2018/19.


Creator/Performer  // Elena Lydia Kreusch (DE)
Artistic outside eyes  // Alex Zampini (IT)  // Ana Jordão (PRT)  // Darragh McLoughlin (IRL)  // Kalle Nio (FI)
MUSIC // Alex Zampini (IT)
Producer  // Squarehead Productions Ltd.
Co-Producer  // KreativKultur, Vienna (AT)  // WHS Teatteri Union, Helsinki (FI)
Residencies  // Arbeitsplatz, Vienna (AT)  // ttp / WUK, Vienna  // Raw Matters (AT)  // Wizard's Hat / Cirkobalkana (HR)  // Café de las Artes Teatro, Santander (ES)  // Taiteilijayhdistys Hiljaisuus ry, Rovaiemi  // WHS Teatteri Union, Helsinki (FI)

About the Piece

Using a video (live) stream, the performer conducts a self exploration of her body and its physical limitations — oscillating between intimacy and dissociation.
Drawing on the virtuosity of circus and dance, the liveness and realness of performance art, and the inherent violence of martial arts, the artist develops a physical language incorporating elements of risk, extreme physicality and contorted postures.
Making use of the the screen's ability to betray the eye and (re)frame the body, a subtle play with editing, delays and special effects is used to gradually blur the lines between reality and distortion.
The piece does not follow a narrative, but rather functions through the compositional logic of a collage. Transitioning from one state to the next, different qualities of physicality simultaneously emerge on stage and on the screen. The live performance and video installation merge into abstract bodyscapes in order to challenge the audience’s perceptions of physical presence and of their own affective responses.

First impressions of the work in progress (March 2018):

About the Artist

Elena Lydia Kreusch is a German performance artist with a professional education in contemporary circus (Codarts, Rotterdam) and contemporary dance (Condance, Vienna) as well as an amateur background in martial arts.

During the past five years Elena has been involved in several artistic creations, mainly as an artistic director and producer, while also holding a PhD research fellowship in Circus Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. 

articulations will be Elena’s first solo creation. Her personal performative language draws from the vocabulary of contemporary circus, dance and martial arts.

Her stage work is of a conceptual nature and informed by her academic research into different forms of mediation of the (circus) body, as well as by Squarehead Productions´ long standing artistic research into artist-audience relationships.